1)      You can contact us directly by phone or by filling out the short Inquiry form.  We will normally respond within 24 hours to online inquiries and messages left on our voicemail, but we encourage you to follow up by phone if you have not heard from us within a day or two:  sometimes technical glitches or human error intervene where good intentions otherwise prevail.


2)      By phone, we will discuss briefly or at some length – your choice – the landscaping issues you’d like to address.  If there is a mutual sense that Kingdom might be able to help you with one or more aspects of your situation, an onsite consultation will be scheduled. There is no charge for the initial onsite consultation.


3)      During the onsite consultation, we will carefully review all your landscape problems and potential.  We typically will have some initial potential solutions and creative ideas that may appeal to you.  We also may have photos in our various portfolios and online pages that relate directly to your situation. 


4)      At the end of the onsite consultation, if there appears to be a potential fit between us, we will mutually determine what the next step should involve. 


a.       In many cases, a written proposal with line item budget information and with or without a thumb nail sketch or two will be all that is necessary for you to make a decision on whether or how to proceed.

b.      If the project calls for more elaborate drawings, we will give you a price for drawings, half of which is credited towards any work performed by Kingdom.


5)      A follow-up meeting will be set up to present the proposal, drawings (if any), and oftentimes, additional photos to help you visualize the outcome of the various suggestions made.  You might decide at that point to proceed with all or certain parts of proposal.  Or you may need time to ponder and discuss further.


6)      Once a decision is made, the appropriate parts of the Proposal generally becomes the Agreement.  Once the agreement is signed and a deposit is made, the work will be scheduled as mutually agreed.